Cashew Nuts

About Cashew Nuts

The United States consumes over 90% of the world’s cashew crop. Cashew Nuts possess a variety of uses. For instance, Oil from cashew nut shells is used in insecticides, brake linings, and rubber and plastic manufacture. The milky sap from the tree is used to make a varnish.

Our Process

Cashew nuts are found is significant quantities around the country through a well-established network of local agents and farmer associations.

Certain states in Nigeria have higher quality cashew nuts compared to the others. Our well established process and local knowledge allow us to sift through the rubble bringing you the very best in quality every time.

Packaging & Distribution

Testing and Trucking
On completion of the cleaning and processing, grains are subject to testing using internationally renowned companies such as SGS Inc. Products are certified to meet the buyer’s standard and are bagged and placed in containers for export.