Hibiscus Flower (Dried)

About Dried Hibiscus Flower

The Hibiscus flower tucked behind the ear, symbolizes availability for marriage, in Hawaii!

The Hibiscus flower is used to make all sorts of tea products. According to some studies it lowers blood pressure and decreases cholesterol. It can serve as a diuretic. Hibiscus flowers can also be used for making shampoos.

Our Process

Dried Hibiscus flowers are found is significant quantities around the country as well.

Hibiscus flowers are carefully hand-picked and examined to ensure that they are properly dried and of the highest quality. Care is taken to remove lumped and bound flowers as proper drying may not have been carried out.

Packaging & Distribution

Testing and Trucking
On completion of the cleaning and processing, grains are subject to testing using internationally renowned companies such as SGS Inc. Products are certified to meet the buyer’s standard and are bagged and placed in containers for export.