Sesame Seeds

About Sesame Seeds

White Sesame seeds are used in baking, but black seeds are richer in certain nutrients. Sesame seeds are known to have several uses including – high protein value (>20%), prevents diabetes, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, good for digestion, healthy skin, boosts heart health, prevents cancer, helps lessen anxiety, relieves arthritis, prevents wrinkles, improves bone health to mention a few.

Our Process

Sesame seeds are sourced through a network of farmers and farming associations. Certain states in Nigeria have higher quality sesame seeds compared to the others. Taraba state for instance is the only state with two harvest seasons per year. Converge hand-picks the sources with the best crop quality and yield and uses a select network of suppliers to meet international standards and demand.

Packaging & Distribution

Testing and Trucking
On completion of the cleaning and processing, grains are subject to testing using internationally renowned companies such as SGS Inc. Products are certified to meet the buyer’s standard and are bagged and placed in containers for export.